Amorette's Patisserie
Town Center - Disney Springs
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Menu Date: August 2018

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-- Snack (2018)

Ham & Cheese Crepe - smoked ham, and swiss cheese, with a dijon sauce $9.00

Caprese Crepe - spring greens, tomatoes, mozzarella, with basil, pesto and balsamic reduction $9.00

Banana & Nutella Crepe - sliced banana with nutella and caramel sauce $7.00

Strawberries & Cream Crepe - macerated strawberries and chifon cake with chantilly $7.00


Turkey on Focaccia - foccacia bread, bsil, aioli, sauteed peppers, sliced turkey with iceberg dressed in cobb dressing $10.50

Ham on Focaccia - foccacia bread, 3 mustard sauce, sliced ham, with water-cress dressed in cabernet vinaigrette $10.50

Roasted Vegetable - multigrain croissant, with herb cream cheese, zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, and mixed greens $10.50


Chocolate Covered Strawberries $6.00

Creme Brulee - vanilla custard with bruleed sugar and fresh berries on top $6.00

Mickey Mousse - chocolate chiffon cake, with white chocolate mousse, and chocolate pudding $8.00

Strawberry Mousse - vanilla chantilly, champagne shot, strawberry feuillentine crunch, and basil sugar $8.00

Sunday Coffee - Bailey's mousse, espresso mousse, and caramel sauce $8.00

Unicorn Macaron $5.00

49th and Broadway - NY Cheesecake: lemon curd, blueberries, and chantilly $8.00

Dancing with Pavlova - Light meringue crisp, raspberry pate de fruit jelly and chantilly cream $8.00

Macarons - Pistachio, Chocolate, Passion Fruit, Espresso, or Caramel Sea Salt

$12.00 for 5

Reflections in Memphis - Peanut butter mousse dome, toasted chiffon cake, banana pate de fruit jelly and caramelized bacon pieces $8.00

Sunset on Mile Marker 0 - Key lime tart and meringue $8.00

Avant-garde - Gluten-friendly. Chocolate biscuit and dark chocolate mousse $8.00

Strawberry Fields of O.C. - Strawberry Tart, lemon curd, strawberry mousse and basil sugar. $8.00

Palais Garnier - Opera cake: almond cake, chocolate ganache and coffee buttercream $8.00

Sunrise Tokyo Bay - Yuzu chiffon cake, green tea crumble, yuzu jam, and mandarin $8.00

Viennese Waltz - Sacher torte: chocolate almond financier cake, apricot jam and chantilly $8.00

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies - Available warm. $10.00 for 3

Mickey Financier - Gluten-friendly. Almond financier cake topped with a macaron. $8.00

Eclair - Pistachio, lemon meringue, raspberry, whipped pineapple, chocolate, salted caramel or caramel coffee $6.00

Unicorn Macaron - dulce white chocolate, ganache with rainbow sprinkles $5.00

Fall Harvest Petit Cake - cinnamon and nutmeg chiffon cake, layered with Calvados salted caramel mousse, cranberry cherry pate de fruit and roasted hazelnuts $16.00

Picnic PB&J Petite Cake - banana chiffon cake, peanut butter mousse, raspberry pate de fruit, raspberry jam $16.00

S'mores Petite Cake - honey cinnamon chiffon cake, chocolate chiffon cake, marshmallow whipped chantilly, dark chocolate ganache $16.00

Assorted Dome Cakes Highlight Item - Mickey: Chocolate Chiffon Cake
Minnie: Lemon Chiffon Cake
Donald: Vanilla Chiffon Cake
"Mickey Bar" Cake $65.00

Signature Amorette's Cake Highlight Item - with signature hibiscus fondant. Eleven layers of red velvet cake, chocolate cake, cherry mousse, chocolate mousse, raspberry pate de fruit jelly, and Italian butter cream $85.00

Mickey Pumpkin Macaron


Assorted Hot Twining Teas $2.79

Bottled Soda $3.29

Cold Brew $3.79

Orange Juice $4.29

Perrier $3.29

Slushy - chocolate or hibiscus $5.00

Amorette's Hot Chocolate Ganache Highlight Item - With chantilly and shaved dark chocolate $5.00 Disney Dining Plan Snack Item

Freshly Brewed Coffee - Regular and decaf $2.49 Disney Dining Plan Snack Item

Espresso $2.49 Disney Dining Plan Snack Item

Cappuccino $3.59 Disney Dining Plan Snack Item

Latte $3.59 Disney Dining Plan Snack Item

SmartWater $4.50 Disney Dining Plan Snack Item

Lowfat Milk $1.99 Disney Dining Plan Snack Item

Honest Kids Super Fruit Punch $2.99 Disney Dining Plan Snack Item


Taittinger - Brut la Francaise, champagne; glass $16, bottle $74

Iron House Fairy Tale Celebration Cuvee - Green Valley, champagne; glass $14, bottle $35

Banfi Rosa Regale - Sparkling red, Piedmont; glass $12, bottle $29

Nino Franco Rustico - Prosecco, Veneto; glass $10, bottle $27

Wilson Creek Almond - sparkling white wine; glass $9, bottle $39

Bellini - sparkling with peach $9

Mimosa - sparkling with blood orange $9


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