Chips and Slices at Lake Buena Vista Golf Course
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Menu Date: October 2017

Make any sandwich into a gluten free wrap or as a salad upon request.

Make sandwich a combo:
with soft drinks & chips, add $2.50
with domestic beer & chips, add $5.00


Granola Bars - Nature Valley; 2 pack $3.50

Granola - house-made bites, 4 pack $3.50

Croissant - served with jelly or butter $4.00

Chips - Original Potato Chips, BBQ Potato Chips, or Doritos $1.75

Pretzels $1.75

Peanuts $1.75

Crackers - Munchies peanut butter & cheese crackers; 6- pack $1.75

Candy Bars - Snickers or Twix $3.00


1/4LB All Beef Hot Dog - served with a pickle $6.00

Ultimate Grilled Cheese - cheddar, Swiss & American melted between two slices of freshly baked bread, served with a pickle $6.00

Turkey & Swiss - roasted turkey and swiss sliced fresh daily on wheat bread, served with a pickle $7.50

Ham & Cheese - deli ham and American sliced fresh daily on freshly baked white bread, served with a pickle $7.50

Roast Beef & Cheddar - top quality roast beef and cheddar cheese sliced fresh daily on fresh daily baked marble rye bread, served with a pickle $7.50

Tuna Salad Sandwich - house-made white albacore tuna salad, lettuce and tomato served on freshly baked white bread, served with a pickle $7.50

Grilled Chicken Sandwich - grilled chicken, lettuce and tomato with choice of cheese on a fresh kaiser roll, served with a pickle $8.00

Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap - grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, Parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing in a flour tortilla, served with a pickle $9.75

Traditional Reuben - freshly sliced corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss and thousand island on toasted rye, served with a pickle $9.00

Country Club Sandwich - Triple decker with fresh bacon, roasted turkey, Swiss cheese, deli ham, and American cheese with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise served on toasted white bread, served with a pickle $9.75


Breakfast Sandwich - one egg and american cheese served on a croissant with your choice of bacon, sausage patty or ham $6.00

Breakfast Burrito - sausage, eggs, American cheese, hash brown potatoes, sour cream and salsa in a flour tortilla $6.50


Bottled Water - 16.9 oz $1.50

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea - 20 oz $2.00

Canned Soda - coke, Diet coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Tonic Water $2.00

Fountain Soda - Coke, diet coke, Coke Zero, Sprite Zero, Ginger Ale, Powerade-Fruit Punch, lemonade, club soda; $1.00 refills; $2.00

Coffee - 16 oz $2.25

Orange Juice - 10 oz $3.00

Apple Juice - 10 oz $3.00

Powerade - lemon lime, mountain berry, zero grape; 20 oz $3.25

Arnold Palmer Iced Tea - 20 oz $3.25

Cranberry Juice - 5.5 oz $4.25

Specialty Cocktails

Bailey's Irish Cream $7.00

Bloody Mary $10.00


Domestic Beer - Coors Light, Miller Lite, Yuengling; 16 oz can or bottle $4.50

Draft Beer - Coors Light, Yuengling; 16 oz frosty glass or to-go $5.75

Import / Specialty $5.75


Captain Morgan $6.00

Stoli Vodka $7.00

Crwon Royal Whiskey $8.00


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