Frontera Cocina
Town Center - Disney Springs
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Menu Date: January 2018

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Discounts Available:

-- Annual Passholder 10%
-- Disney Vacation Club 10%
-- Tables in Wonderland 20%

Add protein to any salad: grilled chicken breast $6, Mojo garlic grilled shrimp $8 or Creekstone Natural Carne Asada $8.

Add mojo garlic grilled shrimp to any steak $8.

Tables in Wonderland discount good at LUNCH only.


Chips and Salsa - smoky chipotle, herby salsa verde $4

Toasted Pumpkin Seed "Hummus" - creamy Yucatecan pumpkin seed-habanero dip, crispy cucumber and jicama, warm tortilla chips (contains seeds) $9

Verde Guacamole - roasted poblanos, roasted tomatillo, toasted pepitas, cilantro and onions (contains seeds) served with chips $10

Bacon Guacamole - Nueske bacon, tomatillos, toasted pepitas, cilantro, and onions (contains seeds) served with chips $10

Atomic Guacamole - Diced cucumbers, habanero salsa, cilantro, and onions served with chips $10

Tortilla Soup - Red chile chicken broth, chipotle chicken, avocado, Chihuahua cheese, tortilla strips, cilantro, red onion and lime (contains dairy, gluten) $9

Coctel Tropical - Florida Pink Shrimp and Baja bay scallops, tangy serrano-tomatillo salsa, lime, jicama, pineapple, avocado, warm tortilla chips (contains shellfish) $14

Queso Fundido - queso Chihuahua melted with roasted poblanos, and caramelized onions- warm corn tortillas (contains dairy); add Gunthrop Farms chorizo $2; $12

Chipotle Chicken Flautas - crispy chipotle chicken tortilla "flutes", roasted tomatillo-avocado salsa, cream, cotija cheese, fresh herbs (contains dairy and gluten) $13

Zucchini and Poblano Rajas Tostadas - Crispy tostadas, garlicky grilled squash with poblano peppers, fresh goat cheese, creamy black beans, pea shoots and frisee (contains dairy) $12


Taqueria Salad - petite baby gem lettuces, poblano rajas, carrot, radish, avocado, crunchy tortilla strips, Cotija cheese, avocado-lime vinaigrette (contains dairy) $9

Caesar Salad - petite baby gem lettuces, Cotija cheese, caramelized red onion, avocado, croutons, chipotle lime Caesar dressing (contains dairy, gluten, fish) $11


Carne Asada for making soft Tacos - Grilled steak, poblano rajas, black beans refritos with queso fresco, salsa verde, guacamole, served with corn tortillas (contains dairy) $23

Grilled Chicken for making soft Tacos - Grilled chicken tacos, poblano rajas, black beans refritos with queso fresco, guacamole, chipotle salsa, served with corn tortillas (contains dairy) $18

Pepito Torta - slow-cooked short ribs, chihuahua cheese, black beans, pickled jalapenos, arugula, cilantro crema, chipotle salsa, Taquiera salad (contains dairy, gluten) $16

Mushroom Torta - woodland mushrooms, chipotle garlic mojo, goat cheese, arugula, lime, chipotle salsa, Taquiera salad (contains dairy, gluten) $14

Carnitas - Slow cooked pork shoulder with garlic and lime, black beans refritos with queso fresco, guacamole, pickled red onions, salsa verde, served with warm corn tortillas (contains dairy) $22

Red Chile Chicken Enchiladas - Just made corn tortillas, chipotle chicken filling, guajillo chili sauce, queso Chihuahua, crispy onions, creamy black beans (contains pork, dairy, gluten) $22

Oaxacan Red Chile Chicken - Crispy half chicken, Oaxacan red mole, plantain rice and warm corn tortillas (contains gluten) $27

Shimp Mojo de Ajo - Pan-roasted Florida pink shrimp with mojo de ajo (slow cooked garlic, olive oil, lime and chipotle), plantain rice, grilled calabacitas with warm corn tortillas (contains shellfish) $27

Cochinita Pibil - Achiote marinated slow roasted tender pork, black beans, poblano rajas, pickled red onions, habanero salsa (contains pork and gluten) $24

Grilled Zucchini, Mushroom, and Potato Enchiladas - just-made tortillas, creamy roasted tomatillo sauce, pea shoot and frisee salad (contains dairy) $22

Creekstone Ribeye Steak - Ancho chile rubbed Creekstone ribeye steak, crispy onion strings, Cotija mashed potatoes, caramelized plantains with crema and Cotija cheese, tomatillo salsa, warm corn tortillas (contains dairy, gluten); DDP entitlement + $12; $45

Carne Asada - garlic and red chile-marinated Creekstone Natural Black Angus steak, black beans refritos with queso frsico, caramelized plantains with crema and queso fresco, tomatillo salsa, served with warm corn tortillas (contains dairy, pork) $36

Side Dishes

Chipotle Roasted Sweet Potatoes - caramelized onions, crema, toasted pumpkin seeds (contains dairy, seeds) $6

Queso Anejo Mashed Potatoes - mashed Yukon potatoes, aged Cotija cheese (contains dairy) $6

Fried Plantains - served with crema and Cotija cheese (contains dairy) $6

Arroz con plantains - white rice studded with plantains and cilantro $65

Roasted Cauliflower - creamy tomatillo sauce, melted Chihuahua cheese (contains dairy) $6


Pecan Pie Bar - Served with Mexican vanilla ice cream- chocolate sauce (contains dairy, gluten, nuts) $9

Coconut Lime Cuatro Leches - Sponge cake soaked with four milks topped with whipped cream, toasted coconut, fresh blackberries, and lime zest (contains gluten, dairy, seeds) $9

Platano Sundae - warm fried plantains, Mexican vanilla ice cream, Cajeta, toasted pecans (contains dairy, nuts) $9


Agua de Jamaica - tangy jamaica "flower" tea (no refills) $4

Fiesta Mexicana Iced Tea - black tea with mango, melon and papaya $3

Soft Drinks - Coke, diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite $3

Bottled Water - Evian or Perrier; small $4; large $6

Cappuccino $4

Espresso $4

Fresh Brewed Coffee $3

Specialty Cocktails

Traditional Tequila Agave Flight - Avion blanco, Casa Noble reposado and Ambhar anejo $21

Premium Tequila Agave Flight - Casa Dragones blanco, Blase Azul reposado and Avion Reserva 44 Extra anejo $32

Mezcal Agave Flight - Montelobos Espadin, Bozal Ensamble, Gracias a Dios Tepextate $19

Frontera Margarita - Casa Noble blanco tequila, Royal Combier, fresh lime juice, agave nectar, salt rim $13

Gracias a Dios Paloma - Gracias a Dios Mezcal Espadin, Combier grapefruit liqueur, fresh lime juice, ginger cordial, black ant salt rim $15

La Cava Avocado Margarita - Casa Noble blanco tequila, melon liqueur, avocado, fresh lime juice, hibiscus salt rim $15

Topolo Margarita - Herradura anejo tequila, Torres orange liqueur, housemade limonada $15

Blood Orange Jalapeno Margarita - Casa Noble blanco tequila, blood orange juice, habanero bitters, Ancho Reyes chile liqueur, jalapeno, Tajin chile rim $14

Watermelon Pink Flamingo Margarita - Ambhar blanco tequila, watermelon juice, fresh lime, Torres orange liqueur $15

Play With Fire Margarita - choice of Montelobos Joven Mezcal or Casa Noble blanco tequila with cucumber, jalapeno, fresh lime, agave nectar, hibiscus salt rim $14

Mezcal Mule - Montelobos joven Mezcal, Ancho Reyes chile liqueur, fresh lime juice, chocolate Mole bitters, ginger beer $14

Gin Agua Fresca - Gracias a Dios Agave Gin, agua de Jamaica, Combier grapefruit liqueur, pomegranate liqueur, fresh lime juice, hibiscus rim $15

Cocina Gin & Tonic - choice of Hendricks Gin or Gracias A Dios Agave Gin with tonic water, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, lime, cucumber $14

Frontera Old Fashioned - Zacapa 23 Solera rum, agave nectar, orange tiki bitters, lemon, orange peel $14

All The Pretty Girls - St. Germain elderflower liqueur, fresh grapefruit, cava sparkling wine $13


Draft Beer - Modelo Especial, Negra Modelo, Corona Light & a rotating selection of local craft beers $7 - $11

Bottled Beer $6 - $7


Red Wine - Bottle $36-$111; Glass $9- $14

White Wine - Bottle $36-$53; Glass $9- $14

Sparkling Wine - Bottle $31-$82; Glass $8- $24

Sangria - Jamaica Sangria $11


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