Garden Grove Cafe
Swan - Resort
Children's Dinner Menu


Menu Date: February 2017

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Discounts Available:

-- Disney Vacation Club 20%
-- Tables in Wonderland 20%

For Kids ages 3-9.

Served from 5:00 - 9:30 pm

Each entree includes salad, soup and dessert bar.


Whole Wheat Pasta - chicken breast, tomato sauce, broccoli, low-fat parmesan cheese $17.99

Seared White Fish Tacos - pico de gallo, jalapeno, mango, grilled corn $17.99

Oven Baked Chicken Fingers - corn flake breaded, carrots, celery, low-fat ranch $17.99

Grilled Turkey Sliders - low-fat cranberry spread, carrots, celery $17.99

Tuna Salad Sandwich - low-fat mayo, whole grain bread, lettuce, tomato $17.99

Whole Wheat Margerhita Pizza - fresh basil, tomato sauce, low-fat mozzarella; additional toppings include low-fat pepperoni, low-fat ham, chicken, pineapple, low-fat mozzarella $17.99


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