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Menu Date: August 2018

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-- Tables in Wonderland 20%

Nomad Lounge offers a half-dozen small bites.

Add a glowing lotus light to any beverage for $4.00

Like Tiffins, the lounge offers handcrafted cocktails with African, Asian and South American flavors, imported beers and a South American and South African wine list.

Non-alcoholic beverages include exotic-fruit- flavored lemonades, Asian and African premium loose-leaf teas and coffee beans from Columbia, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Tanzania.

Small Plates

Chicken Satay - Spicy peanut sauce, cucumber salad $10

Accara - Black-Eyed Pea Fritters, Roasted Garlic Raita $9

Tuna Poke Bowl - seaweed salad, edamame, chili-mango $14

Impossible Burger Sliders - chipotle aioli, yucca fries $15

Pork Ribs - honey-glazed coriander-spiced $10

Chef's House-made Charcuterie Board - selection of cured and smoked meats $17

Selection of Artisanal Cheeses - Chef's selection of accoutrements $16

Tiffins Signature Bread Service - Tadka, smoked baba ghanoush, Blatjang $11

Truffle Poutine - Truffle Tremor, fries, crispy onions, black truffle salt $12


Churros - vanilla crema, chili-strawberry $9


Tealeaves Iced Tea - passion fruit vanilla $3.49

vitaminwater $3.49

Acai-Blueberry Pomegranate $3.49

Powerade - mountain berry blast $3.49


Ethiopian Natural Press Pot - single origin $8.00

Indonesian Blend Press Pot - Celebes 70%/Java 30% $8.00

Organic Colombian Press Pot - regular or decaf $8.00

Peruvian Alto Mayo Protected Forest $8.00

Espresso - Shade Grown Sumatra Espresso Roast; single origin; $3.99

Cappuccino - Shade Grown Sumatra Espresso Roast; single origin; $4.79

Latte - Shade Grown Sumatra Espresso Roast; single origin; $43.79

Specialty Beverages (non-alcoholic)

Zingiber Fizzie - Indonesia; a non-alcoholic version of the Annapurna Zing; passion fruit puree, mint, ginger beer, lime juice $6.25

Balinese Breeze - Indonesia; a non-alcoholic version of the Dalang's Delight; mountain berry tea, simple syrup, lemon juice $5.00

Happy Macaque - Asia; a non-alcoholic version of the Night Monkey; guava puree, coffee simple syrup, lime juice, cilantro $5.50

Kiama Mamma - America; watermelon and Sprite $5.75

Lilly Gorill-ie - America; strawberry and Sprite $5.00

Hibiscus Henna - America; a non-alcoholic version of Jenn's Tattoo; watermelon, hibiscus, soda water, lime juice $5.75

Specialty Cocktails

Lamu Libation - Africa; Starr African rum, Cruzan banana rum, guava puree, with tropical juices topped with Gosling's 151 rum float $11.50

Spice Trader Classic - Africa $10.50

Night Monkey - Asia; Bacardi Maestro rum, guava puree, coffee syrup, and lime juice with a hint of cilantro $10.25

Dalang's Delight - Indonesia; Starr African rum, Batavia-Arrak Van Oosten, Van der Hum tangerine liqueur, Mountain Berry tea, simple syrup, and lemon juice $11.50

Tempting Tigress - Indonesia; Russell's Reserve 10yr bourbon, St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram, Tamarind syrup, and lime juice $13.00

Annapurna Zing - Indonesia; Bombay sapphire east gin, passion fruit puree, mint, and lime juice topped with ginger beer $13.25

Mustang Coffee - Asia; Crown Royal, brown sugar, and butter with hot coffee $10.25

Leaping Lizard - Central and South America; Malibu pineapple rum and Augusta cachaca with orange, passion fruit, and mango juices $13.00

Sinaloa Sangria - Central and South America; a South American sangria made with Miguel Torres rose wine, Barsol Quebranta Pisco, and fresh fruit $10.00

Boto-Rita - Central and South America; Zignum Reposado Mezcal, Combier grapefruit liqueur, guava puree, and lime juice $11.50

Hightower Rocks - Central and South America; Casa Dragones blanco tequila, watermelon, sweet-and-sour and lime juice $13.00

Snow Leopard Salvation - Africa; Snow Leopard vodka, Belle de Brillet pear liqueur, mint, and lime juice topped with ginger beer $12.75

Jenn's Tattoo - Asia; Ketel One vodka, watermelon, hibiscus, and lime juice $11.00


Bottled and Craft Beer - from Kenya, USA, Singapore, Japan, Mexico, Thailand; $7.25 - $9.50

Draft Beer - from Mexico and USA; $7.50 - $9.00

Draft Beer Flight - Wakulla Hefeweizen (Mexico), Kungaloosh Ale (USA), Old Elephant Foot (USA); 5 oz. per beer $10


Sparkling Wine - from Argentina and South Africa; by the bottle $39 - $49; by the glass $9 - $11

White Wine - from Argentina, South Africa and Chile; by the bottle $35 - $55; by the glass $8 - $13

Red Wine - from Argentina, South Africa and Chile; by the bottle $39 - $55; by the glass $9 - $13

Rose Wine - from Chile; by the bottle $39; by the glass $9


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