Dolphin - Resort
Pub/Lounge Menu


Menu Date: October 2017

Small Plates

Bavarian Style Warm Pretzel - German Mustard, Beer Cheese $11

Berkshire Ham and Cheese - Grilled Chiabatta bread, pickle relish, pimento cheese $11

"Cib's" Deviled Eggs - Lake Meadow Farm Free Range Eggs, minced chive, dill pickle, English mustard $9

Hummus Trio - Grilled Naan bread, roasted garlic hummus, sweet basil hummus, roasted red pepper hummus $15

Cajun Boiled Peanuts Highlight Item - Boiled peanuts, seasoned with cayenne pepper, garlic, smoked paprika $10

Street Tacos Highlight Item - Corn Tortillas, avocado, tomatillo dressing, Ancho spiced cashews $16

Wok Charred Edamame - Shell-on soy beans, Yuzu juice, garlic and ginger $11

Bibb Lettuce Wraps - Bibb lettuce, maple grilled chicken, pickled red onion, herb croutons $15

Wings (8) - Smoked chicken wings, Teriyaki glaze, cilantro-lime dipping sauce $18

Pork Belly Bao (3) - chile and garlic flavored pork belly, steamed bun, pickled carrots, cucumber, hoisin $16

Lamb Meatballs - Spanish inspired braised lamb meatballs, pork tomato sauce, roasted potatoes, Manchego cheese $16


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