Night Time Fun

What do you do for fun at Walt Disney World once the sun goes down? We've got some suggestions for you...............

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Disney After Dark for Teenagers


My favorite nighttime activity is being in the Magic Kingdom at night and enjoying the fireworks as well as some of the rides at night. It takes on a different feel for me than being there during the day, especially Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, as well as the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. Go figure! (ºoºCliffºoº)

The Castle all lit up is just so beautiful and magical. Any of the parks turn extra magical at night somehow. Plus, when you stay until the end, a lot of times you can quickly get on rides that would normally have long waits. (Splash Mountain is one that I love at night; the view when you go around the outside curves is great! TOT is another with a great view at night.) (TerryM)

Adults/Parents Night Out - Watching the fireworks with my arms around DH, just sharing the magic, and then a late dinner somewhere or E-ride night (it's fun for adults too!). (TerryM)

After seeing this for the first time on Saturday night, I have to say Wishes at Magic Kingdom. It's the most awesome fireworks show I've ever seen! (Ida)

For the younger set: Any of the special "ticket" parties at MK - MVMCP or MNSSHP - Watching any of the fireworks - Riding some of the outside rides after dark (we especially enjoy Thunder Mountain). (WDWGrandma)

These two could be for adults, teens, or family: riding all the e-ticket rides during the night parade...while the lines are almost nonexistent. It's neat to kind of run from one e-ticket ride to the next, trying to do as many as you can while the parade goes on. Another good nighttime activity is E-ride nights. I personally love to be at any amusement park (but especially WDW) at night. I love to see all the lights. It almost makes me well up when I stop for a moment at night in the Magic Kingdom (especially right there by the castle) and look around and it hits me - I am in my most favorite favorite place in the world and there is just nowhere else like it anywhere. My heart definitely skips a beat or two! (Renee)

I can't leave out Fantasmic!. It's, without a doubt, the best show on site. My wife and I never miss it. Just this past September, I made sure that my parents, along with my sister and her family, went to see it with me on their trip to the World. I drove up for the weekend and gave them a personalized tour since it had been so long since they were there and it was the first trip for my nephew and two nieces. They had a blast and loved the show. The finale gets me every time. (Pete)

I vote for any of the nightly fireworks shows in any of the parks for all ages! What makes it even better is buying a dinner package in MGM or Epcot and getting preferred seating for the show. (NancyC)

Watching Illuminations with margaritas from Mexico. (JMM7171)

It would have to be Illuminations for all ages. My 9-year-old nephew still talks about it and it's been two years since we went to WDW. (Marianna)

My very favorite place to be at night is World Showcase; somehow without the glare of the hot Florida sun it feels so much more like being in another country. It's the one thing that my husband and I always agree on, especially during the Food & Wine Festival. We could eat dinner at those little food booths every night, and catch the last "Off Kilter" show. Is it October yet?? (Lynn Behr)


Dinner at 'Ohana, overlooking Seven Seas Lagoon, followed by watching the Wishes fireworks show while sitting on the beach at the Poly. We had watched the fireworks in MK the previous night but watching at the Poly gave me a whole new perspective on it. Like watching two different shows. (LindaM)

As someone who is fortunate enough to stay in the park side of the Tower at the Contemporary, there is nothing like sitting on your balcony watching the MK fireworks your first night there after driving two days from NJ. Seems to make it all worth it. (Tom G)

Watching the fireworks from the California Grill deck after dinner there. (Danielle)

A romantic dinner at Narcoossee's at the Grand Floridian. As dessert is served, the Electric Water Parade goes by. Yes, it's dated, but it's darn cute! (Patty)

Every year we have our Thanksgiving dinner at Narcoosee's around 7 p.m. After a truly lovely dinner consisting of the typical Thanksgiving fare (although you do have many other selections like lamb, pork, and steak) we always walk outside to the patio to watch the Electric Water Pageant and the fireworks. Since it is just DH and I it is always romantic, and if the patio gets a little crowded, we just walk a little further down by the boat ramp. (Maggie)

For a romantic dinner go to Victoria and Albert's. Also romantic is dinner at California Grill (especially if you are seated where you can see the fireworks at the MK). For unusual but delicious food, try dinner at Jiko. (WDWGrandma)

Great night caps would be to stop at each "Monorail resort" for a drink at the most romantic spots in each hotel. (Brian)

We have found that the Electric Water Pageant is lovely and romantic. (LauraD)

I enjoy the campfire sing-a-long and movie at Fort Wilderness Campground. That is the ultimate in movie watching outdoors, while roasting marshmallows and stuffing yourself silly. And my husband just enjoys being with me, watching me act like a little kid all over again. (Bev)

if I have my son with me, then we like to have dinner at Flying Fish or somewhere in the BoardWalk area, then walk around the BoardWalk watching the entertainers, stop in at Seashore Sweets for ice cream or candy... maybe stop in at ESPN's game arcade... poke around in the Screen Door General Store... (Deb Koma)

Strolling the Boardwalk is always a must do for me! (Phil)

Don't forget the CM with the night vision binoculars at Animal Kingdom Lodge, after hearing the story telling around the firepit (following dinner at Boma of course!). (Lynn)

For smaller ones: The storyteller at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, coupled with strolling the grounds to see if any animals are out. (Patty)

I have fond memories of the first time that we visited WDW and took our three young children to Hoop Dee Doo Revue. The kids loved it almost as much as the adults did! (bindi618032)

One of our favorite nighttime fun things is good for the children and adults. We love to catch the boat from Port Orleans Riverside (our resort of choice although we are hoping to try French Quarter this year) after dark and cruise down to Downtown Disney. It definitely has the romance factor going for it. There's New Orleans type music piped in and the lights from the resorts and shops are beautiful. But we've had a great time riding with the children. This year on the way to Downtown Disney the captain asked Disney trivia questions while giving us facts about the sites, and on the way back after the shopping and lights of Downtown Disney, the children were settled right down and ready for bed lulled by the sounds of the river. And settled down children are not easy to come by at WDW. (Melinda H)

Our favorite thing to do is to see the fireworks at MK, and then go and have a nice nighttime swim. It is so relaxing!!! (disneymommy2801)

Relaxing in the hot tub by the pool at the Dolphin hotel. It's a beautiful hot tub and you can see the fireworks from Epcot over the trees. I also really enjoy finishing my day with a swim in the hotel pool, no matter which hotel I'm staying at. It's a great way to cool off if it's been a hot day, it relaxes me and then I'm ready for a good night's sleep before heading off to the parks again in the morning. (Teresa)

My husband and I love to grab a treat from Beaches and Cream and take it to the Solarium at the Beach Club for a quiet treat after a busy day in the parks. The other favorite is mixed drinks and relaxation in the hot tub at our hotel. (DeBestWife)

Mini-golf. (Wolfengesteinen)


The Lego store, and toy store in Downtown Disney. Of course all of this would have to assume that the parks have already closed...otherwise why would you be anywhere else? (DeBestWife)

For teens: DisneyQuest, DisneyQuest, DisneyQuest. And stops at the Magic Shop and Virgin Records at Downtown Disney. (Patty)

I agree DisneyQuest for teens and young adults! My kids voted hands down on this nighttime activity. (BevW)

Downtown Disney is the place to be at night! When it's night out with family we head to Ghiradelli's for ice cream and frozen bananas - yummy. Dinner at Planet Hollywood or Rainforest Cafe, and pin trading. (disneynutmary)

Dinner at the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney, followed by dessert at Ghirardelli's. We then like to hit all the big shops in the Marketplace and then head over to Pleasure Island. (Pete)

Dinner at Fulton's and then doing a little shopping is another favorite of mine. If you love seafood and don't mind spending the extra cash, since it is pretty expensive, go to Fulton''s fantastic. The seafood is amazing. I recommend the lobster tails. (Heather)

Beyond all of the obvious responses like Wishes, Illuminations and Fantasmic - we love Downtown Disney at night - including a trip to Cirque de Soleil. And who could pass up Hoop De Doo - not my son! (Lynn)


I think it would be neat if Disney set up one of their water parks to run at night as well as in the day in the peak of the summer season. (BigBrian)

Being one of the last to leave the MK. We had a late dinner at Tony's one night and the park closed, and it was so magical. The music still played, the lights were on. We stood up on the train station and just enjoyed. Then we had to leave and ended up having to hop the fence to get to the bus! Hanging out back at the hotel (POR, my preference) and enjoying the ambiance, reliving the day at the pool with a cool drink. Planning our next day. Walking out of Epcot at the end of day....smelling the roses, (literally), enjoying the reverse fountain, and the sparkles in the pavement near the main fountain. Visiting another hotel and just checking out the theme. Soaking in a hot tub. <G> Ahh, my dogs are tired. (Nancy)

I think a lot of the events are done by everyone, Wishes, Illuminations etc. The key for us was to step back from rushing Fastpass to Fastpass, and say, "OK, let's stop and make this a special 'us' time." We would find a quieter vista and a little treat and relax together. (Brian)